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Men On Women - The bio-feedback of hugging - Ep. 16

Special guest star: Shemar Moore, The Young and the Restless Real guys: Eric Domander, Roz Weston Topics: Rating hugs and ...

Cast of Road to Avonlea at the Gemini Awards - 1992

Video coming from the personal archives of musical artist Max: Cast of Road to Avonlea at the ...

Homes: Heaven on Earth? | Mag Ruffman | Habitat for Humanity | 1340

Few would argue that 'home' is more than four walls and a roof. In the next few minutes, we'll explore the reasons why. Lorna sits ...

Mag Ruffman and Michael Mahonen at the Gemini Awards

Avonlea stars Mag Ruffman and Michael Mahonen backstage at the Gemini Awards.

ToolGirl Mag Ruffman - Sugru - Product Review

How to use the new soft-touch silicone rubber that molds and sets permanently - you can fix anything made of plastic, rubber, ...

We're All In This Together - Steve Smith & Mag Ruffman

At a recent book reading in Port Colborne, Ontario, Steve and Mag explain the concept of marketing the book "We're All In This ...

Road to Avonlea season seven interview

Road to Avonlea season seven interview with Mag Ruffman Sorry about the poor quality, but it's better than nothing. :)

Sarah Polley, Mag Ruffman, and Zachary Bennett present an award

Sarah Polley, Mag Ruffman and Zachary Bennett present an award at the Gemini's.

Meg Ruffman Tool Time

Kelley Simons and Jeff Werkmeister interview Meg Ruffman on Rogers TV daytime, London.

Spoofy Mag Ruffman birthday

a happy birthday message to mag ruffman.

Sandstorm Movie Interview - Director Michael Mahonen

Sandstorm is now available at: Amazon - Amazon Canada - Walmart ...

Skills Canada

Television producer/actress Mag Ruffman dropped by CTV Morning Live to discuss Skilled Trades and Technology Week.

Stunning Recollections of 2+ Years with a High Level Psychopath

A discussion of psychopathy and stunning recollections of 2+ years with a psychopath and their mind blowing abilities of ...

Gadget Inspectors try out Sugru adhesive

Gadget Inspectors Harry Wallop and Claudine Beaumont inspect Sugru, a product already being described as the best thing since ...

E! A Behind the Scenes Look at Road To Avonlea

Entertainment Television looks behind the scenes at the making of Road To Avonlea. 1992.

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