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JESSIE GRAFF: Interview at Tough Mudder X | Tough Mudder

Watch as Jessie Graff, known for her appearance in American Ninja Warrior, gets ready for Tough Mudder X. Tough Mudder X is a ...

Jessie Graff on being a stuntwoman and "American Ninja Warrior"

Jessie Graff tells Carlos Amezcua & Lisa Remillard of BeondTV how she got so strong and what inspired her to become a "ninja".

The World isn't Ending—the Adventure is Just Beginning | Jessie Graff | TEDxLagunaBlancaSchool

Stunt girl, Ninja Warrior, and modern-day Wonder Woman, Jessie Graff is known for breaking records, smashing stereotypes, and ...

The Titan Jessie Graff on Live in the D

The Titan Jessie Graff on Live in the D.

American Ninja Warrior - Jessie Graff

She's made history as the most kickass woman in American Ninja Warrior history. Now Jessie Graff joins Kim and Jackie in studio!

Eye Opening Extremes: Stunt woman Jessie Graff

Stunt woman Jessie Graff talks to the "CBS This Morning" co-hosts about her career, and kicks off this new series highlighting ...

Jessie Graff Got To Do Stunt Work On "Wonder Woman"

Jessie Graff talks about how her start in stunt work ended up leading to stunt work in the hit blockbuster film, "Wonder Woman.

The Titan Games Season 2 Episode 4 - NFL's Victor Cruz and Stuntwoman Jessie Graff (Jun 15,2020)

The Titan Games Season 2 Episode 4 - NFL's Victor Cruz and Stuntwoman Jessie Graff.

Jessie Graff American Ninja Warrior Workout

Jessie Graff, Kacy Catanzaro and Brent Stephenson have offered some insight into their workouts. This is a combination of all ...

How American Ninja Warrior Jessie Graff Overcame Her Brutal Injury | SELF

Jessie Graff, the first woman to ever complete stage 2 of the USA vs. the World Competition, didn't let a knee surgery stop her from ...

Jessie Graff: Will Finds A Way

Jessie Graff finds something she can't do, and then proves herself wrong.

Stunt Woman Jessie Graff Flies Through Tough Mudder Obstacle Course | Tough Mudder

Watch Jessie Graff tackle Tough Mudder London West mud run obstacle race. She breezes through all the Tough Mudder ...

American Ninja Warrior Jessie Graff joined SportsCenter

ANW Jessie Graff joined Jonathan Coachman on SportsCenter to talk about the becoming the 1st woman to complete stage 1 of ...

Jessie Graff (American Ninja Warrior) Emmy Week Red Carpet

Stunt woman Jessie Graff talks with host Kari Lane about competing on American Ninja Warrior, working on Super Girl, and what it ...

Jessie Graff and the Stunts Unlimited Oscar Night Live

Jessie, not only a Ninja Warrior, but a professional stunt performer for the last 10 years. Here she chats with some of the biggest ...

Meet Jessie Graff's Mom, the Oldest Female American Ninja Warrior | Iris

Ginny MacColl is the oldest female competitor on American Ninja Warrior - and Jessie Graff's mom. She did her first pull up at age ...

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