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Sarah Polley Opens Up About What Really Matters to Her

Sarah Polley opens up in a rare extended interview on The Filmmakers. »Subscribe to CBC Arts to watch more videos: ...

Cast of Road to Avonlea at the Gemini Awards - 1992

Video coming from the personal archives of musical artist Max: Cast of Road to Avonlea at the ...

A Candid Interview with Gema (Felicity King) from Road To Avonlea

In this video, a 13-year old Gema Zamprogna candidly reveals how she got the role of Felicity King, her friendship with Sara ...

The Challengers - CBC Full Movie 1991

Loved this movie as a kid!!

Marc Worden interviewing Sarah Polley, Gema Zamprogna, and Zachary Bennett of Avonlea

Disney Channel Backstage Pass segment with Marc Worden Interviewing Avonlea stars Sarah Polley, Gema Zamprogna, and ...

Sarah Polley - [Mar-2004] - interview

[15-Mar-2004] Dawn of the Dead.

Road to Avonlea S7 Return to Me - Gus and Felicity reunite

Gus Pike (Michael Mahonen) and Felicity King (Gema Zamprogna) reunite in the final season of Road to Avonlea. Watch Road to ...

Gema Zamprogna - Personal life

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10 year old Sarah Polley reveals plans to win Wimbledon, 1989

At the age of 10, future filmmaker Sarah Polley talks about her ambitions and her Wimbledon dreams. Did You Know? - As an ...

The Challengers (1989) CBC

The Challengers! 1989! Made for TV by the CBC! A classic! If you have this movie, you should rip it, upload it, and post a link.

soap star Dominic Zamprogna is a Raptor fan

Dominic gets called out for watching Raptors game on his cellphone during Daytime Emmy Awards.

Sarah Polley Talks 'Stories We Tell'

Writer-director-actress Sarah Polley talks about her memoir "Stories We Tell," which explores her family mysteries.

Interview with Lally Cadeau

Full interview with Lally Cadeau and her daughter Sara Brooke Cadeau.

By Way Of The Stars Trailer 1992

By Way Of The Stars Trailer 1992 Director: Alan King Starring: Tantoo Cardinal, Gema Zamprogna, Zachary Bennett, Christian ...

CBC Newsworld Interview with Sarah Polley

Interview with Sarah Polley done by the CBC in 1995. Here Sarah discusses her work on Avonlea, her current acting roles, her ...

Road to Avonlea a Look Back with the Avonlea Kids

Disney Looks back over five seasons with Avonlea stars Gema Zamprogna, Sarah Polley, and Zachary Bennett.

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