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Constance McCashin - Life and career

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The Funniest Super Password Opening Ever

Tom Villard and Constance McCashin.

Top Ten Tour-de-force Performances on "Knots Landing"

Acting in a primetime soap opera wasn´t like appearing in a TV commercial. It took real talent to convince the viewers... The cast of ...

$25,000 Pyramid game show bonus round -- Constance McCashin #4

Here is a playing of the winners circle/bonus round of "The $25000 Pyramid." Constance McCashin from "Knots Landing" gives ...

Obsessive Love Part 2

Obsessive Love, Lifetime TV Movie 1984 with Yvette Mimieux, SImon MacCorkindale, Kin Shriner, Constance McCashin and ...

Another World - March 25, 1985

Part of the Another World episode from Monday March 25, 1985.

Super Password (May 5, 1987): Constance McCashin & Edwin Newman

Here comes an episode of Super Password from May 1987. On this Tuesday episode, Jeannie returns with over $56000 in cash ...

Jakee in the Winner's Circle

oooooooooooooooooo....more like....annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnt!

KNOTS LANDING: Season 1 (1979-80) Pilot Opening Sequence

This is the opening sequence for the pilot episode of the long-running 1979-93 CBS drama "Knots Landing", a spin-off of the ...

Super Password - Marcia Wallace & Tony Papenfuss (July 10, 1987)

Newhart chums Marcia Wallace and Tony Papenfuss enjoy a week of Super Password.

Knots Landing & Dynasty Trailer UK Gold

Classic Knots Landing & Dnyasty Trailer from UK Gold Knots Landing Starring Michele Lee, Joan Van Ark, Donna Mills, James ...

Knots Landing Cast: Then and Now

Look how the stars from 80's prime time soap opera Knots Landing have changed over the years. Knots Landing ran from 1979 ...

Top 40 (+1) "Knots Landing" Quotes

This video celebrates the 40th anniversary of the TV show "Knots Landing", aired by CBS from 1979 to 1993. Dedicated to the Top ...

$25,000 Pyramid - Pulled Out of Thin Air (Aug. 19, 1983)

Watch Philip McKeon's partner Kelly Wellman try to pull the answer out of his mouth in the game-winning word on The $25000 ...


NBC newsman Edwin Newman provides a live news report and personal commentary on the NBC Television Network, aired on ...

$25,000 Pyramid - Putting It Bluntly (June 6, 1985)

The Pyramid audience is shocked at how celebrity player Roger E. Mosley refers to Joan Collins from Dynasty.

Celebrating the Pyramid for 40 years

Hello, Youtubers! 40 years ago from today, the Bob Stewart game show, Pyramid first premiered on Monday, March 26, 1973 in ...

Robot on The Afternoon Show 1984 (with Barbara Dickson)

Robot on The Afternoon Show 1984 (with Barbara Dickson)

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