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George, Elisa, Anna and Alex watch S2 of Versailles

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Versailles star Anna Brewster behind the scenes photoshoot

Read more about Anna learning to believe in herself and tackling fame: ...

Madame de Montespan - "A Little Wicked" [Versailles]

A video tribute for Mme de Montespan (Anna Brewster), Louis XIV's ravishing, ambitious and ruthless mistress from the tv series ...

Oh Là Là! Versailles Season 2: Decadence, Intrigue and Poison: Complete

(EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: LONG VERSION): When your brain needs a self-care refrain from today's news headlines, there's ...

Versailles: Bagatelle NYC Event Highlights

The art of food and wine was celebrated last night by the cast and crew of "Versailles" at Bagatelle NYC. In attendance were ...

Anna Brewster x The Picture Journal

We ask 'Versailles' actress Anna Brewster to recall a memorable line from a film, TV show, play, book or poem. www.

HOOKING UP Trailer (2020) Jordana Brewster, Brittany Snow, Comedy Movie

HOOKING UP Trailer (2020) Jordana Brewster, Brittany Snow, Comedy Movie © 2020 - Saban Films

EVERY Brie Larson with Craig Ferguson! (BFF's) Show

EVERY Brie Larson with Craig Ferguson! (BFF's) Show. Craig Ferguson thinks Brie Larson should be a stand up comedian!

Anna - about filming emotional scenes

Anna talks about how she handles emotions while filming. Video is our own. @gblagden_source follow us on twitter !

The Comedian Elisa Lasowski Interview

The Comedian Elisa Lasowski Interview.

Anita & Me: Anna Brewster & Chandeep Uppal

Anna Brewster & Chandeep Uppal in Anita & Me, a 2002 coming-of-age comedy-drama set in the English Midlands during the ...

Tod's No_Code: "London Calling Campaign" - Anna Brewster's interview - with Italian captions

Tod's No_Code Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Anna Brewster is one of the six characters of the "London Calling Campaign".

The Last Days of American Crime Trailer (2020) Anna Brewster, Edgar Ramirez Movie

The Last Days of American Crime Trailer (2020) Anna Brewster, Edgar Ramirez Movie © 2020 - Netflix

Liv Tyler Does Her 25-Step Beauty and Self-Care Routine | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

On a sunny afternoon inside her charming West Village brownstone, Liv Tyler takes us through her 25-step daily routine, equal ...

L'Ariel by Hala Matar

Starring in this week's film, 'L'Ariel', dreamt up by director Hala Matar, the character of Elma is brought to life by Anna Brewster, ...

Dangerous Woman - Henry VIII / Madame de Montespan - The Tudors & Versailles Crossover

I noticed the other day while editing Henry/Anne for a collab part that Anna Brewster, who plays Montespan, also played ...

Anna Brewster

Anna Brewster is an English actress and model.

Hailey Baldwin Can Flirt in Portuguese

James asks Hailey Baldwin about growing up half Brazilian and learns she picked up a few phrases in Portuguese, but not any ...

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